Web-based energy usage simulation software company


The CEO wanted additional capital to grow his company, and had an idea for a new business model to generate revenue through online advertising. An investor, a government agency, was interested in funding the idea, but wanted some independent validation of the business model.


We developed a business plan that tested the assumptions in the new business model idea.  We conducted market research, sized the market, and did competitive analysis. We analyzed the problems and goals of architects, building owners and tenants to understand where this solution fit in.  We created a financial model for the new business idea.  The business plan demonstrated the total available market was insufficient to sustain the company even if the entire market purchased the company’s online advertising.


Investor was very pleased, and although the founder’s idea did not work out, the founder was pleased to not have invested to build out the product in support of this new business direction.  The founder elected to sell the company to the market leading software company for that industry, where it and the founder continue to work today.


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