Startup developing novel business graphics software


The startup had a full management team, a breakthrough idea, no developers, and limited funding. A revenue-generating application had to be released within 9 months.


We worked with the management team to develop a product roadmap that produced a product with high customer value within 9 months, and had future versions with more valuable features.  We hired staff, drafted the user manual, and managed the staff to implement the user manual.


The “golden master” of the first “lite” version of the application was released within seven months to a hardware vendor who bundled hundreds of thousands of free (to their customers) copies with their products. One month before this release, a group of investors including Intel Capital invested $5 million at a 3x uptick in valuation. During due diligence, the Intel Capital team characterized this as the best-managed product development they’d encountered at a startup.  In building the staff, we hired a young project manager and coached him to take over as CTO.


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