Software-as-a-service financial application software company


A startup software company had a handful of customers from the founder’s personal network, but needed help going to the next level.  The CEO sought us for help developing a strategic alliance with an accounting firm. We also discovered the client also needed marketing and assistance with fundraising.


We developed the relationship with the accounting firm, conducted joint lead generation webinars, and used that credibility to engage in discussions with investors.  We developed a broader company vision and strategy to overcome obstacles in raising funding.  We developed the business plan and investor presentation, and went with the CEO to pitch to investors.  We also conducted sales calls and rounded out the management team by recruiting a new VP engineering and new VP of sales through our network.  We developed the product roadmap, created the marketing and sales functions from a blank sheet of paper, and implemented and developed a marketing database and series of campaigns to fill the pipeline.


We supported the company in adding its next 9 customers and closed a $6M round of venture capital funding.  More than 20 employees were hired as the company set about to develop the new product roadmap and expand the sales team, effectively taking the company to the next level in its development.


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