Privately funded vendor of data center infrastructure management systems


The company was formed by acquiring the products, IP and some personnel of a predecessor company. After more than two years, they were able to release only one component of a next-generation solution and had missed the planned system release date by over one year. They had lost many of the customers they inherited, and most of the sales team. 


We worked with marketing, sales, and technical management to develop a minimal set of features that would induce customers to upgrade to the new product, that could be released quickly, and that could serve as a foundation for desired future enhancements.


The first version of a complete system solution was released within two months, and installed at two major current customers (one a national financial services firm) within the following month. While the initial release had performance problems and limited functionality, it provided so much value to these customers that they established projects to expand the system’s deployment almost immediately. Almost all current customers converted to the system, the company hired a new sales team, and was able to increase its equity by 50% at a valuation increase of over 100%.














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