Our History

Opero Partners was founded by experienced operating executives who have worked together as consultants and investors.  Over the years, while we worked with one another in evaluating investment opportunities, and in helping startup companies form and execute their business models, we repeatedly saw how our collective intelligence gave us a more holistic perspective, resulting in better insight that more effectively solved companies’ challenges.

In 2010, we came together to offer that same breadth of experience – and investor perspective – to clients seeking to improve their corporate performance.


About the Name “Opero Partners”

The word “Opero" means “I Operate” in Latin; it means to carry out, make, produce, act, work, do, perform, run. We distinguish ourselves from typical management consultants by our eagerness to involve ourselves in operating the company. We distinguish ourselves from typical executive “body shops” by our eagerness to involve ourselves setting strategic direction for the company.

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