A track record for unleashing value

We’ve learned many ways to improve company performance

Opero Partners is a consulting firm whose members are experienced operating executives. We have proven track records helping technology-based businesses achieve their growth and profitability objectives. We also have strong consulting backgrounds, recognizing there’s an “art” to creating value-enhancing change that clients will embrace, and subsequently drive forward on their own.  Further, we are experienced institutional and angel investors, which keeps our attention on the business as a whole even as we help operate specific functions. We bring:

  • Cross-functional breadth in sales, marketing, business development, customer service, finance, and product development.
  • World-class, hands-on operating experience.
  • Ability to maintain a high-level strategic view while executing with agility.
  • Perspective as investors on what is needed to enhance shareholder value.
  • A holistic, team approach to the company as a system, not a collection of siloed functions.

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