Technology CEOs and Executives

Fresh thinking to take your business to the next level

When clients approach us, they typically have challenges like these:

Leadership & Strategy 

  • We’re unsure what it will take to bring performance to the next level
  • Our strategy is unclear
  • Company progress is too slow, or performance unsatisfactory


  • We are unable to deliver new product on time to function
  • We don’t have a product roadmap that resonates with clients
  • Our new products generate lackluster revenues


  • Our sales cycles and product adoption cycles are really long
  • Our sales force is underperforming
  • We have little to no confidence in our forecast or pipeline


  • We’re having trouble deciding strategic direction
  • We argue about which markets to pursue
  • There’s no clear marketing plan or direction


  • We’re unsure how to get funding at this development stage
  • We need to improve operational efficiency 
  • We need more cost-effective resource allocation

Rarely, however, are the challenges just in one area.

This is how Opero is different.  Rather than bringing in a strategy consultant, a sales consultant, an accounting firm, a marketing agency – each of whom knows their “silos” and pull the company in different directions -- Opero provides cross-functional experience, integrated alignment, and a system-wide solution.

We work side-by-side with the company and investors to address these issues, until they are resolved.  Learn about our client successes or our team, or contact us for fresh thinking about your challenges.